Are you aged between 17 & 25 and interested in a short-term work experience project with other young people?

The Youth Take Over initiative aims to address the problems young people face entering the labour market after leaving school in the Loddon Campaspe region. This project will bring about a better system of support to help young people who are unemployed or at risk of unemployment enter our growing industries.

Youth research shows young people need a supportive ecosystem that can address all the barriers they face and help generate local solutions that attach them to pathways and jobs.

The program will support young people unemployed in their first year out of school to build pathways to employment in an industry that interests them (and for that industry to in turn meet and learn from young people).

Take Overs include facilitated initiatives of up to two months with a group of 10 young people working on a project leading to a “take over” of a location, event, initiative (and much more) in an industry. Young people will receive industry mentoring to develop industry knowledge and develop the skills they need to run their Take Over.

Youth Take Over will be responsive to the needs of communities and will link into complementary programs and services and build the capacity for the community to run the Take Overs themselves in the future.

This will build an innovative and sustainable youth employment support system offering every young person having difficulty working out what to do after school skills, experience and employment opportunities. Over the life of the program at least 50 young people will be provided with an employment outcome across Loddon Campaspe.



A 6 week internship developing and launching an online store for Echuca Moama Tourism. Work with Jordon, from Small Business Online, to create a website for artists, makers, cooks, farms, and creators in Echuca. Learn about web, design, photography and videography. Create tempting, diverse, content to support local artisans sell their products. This internship is for young people interested in web, design, retail, marketing or running an online business.


Work with local Bendigo artists, Nacho station, to design and create murals for the Goldfields LLEN building. You will learn how to plan a design, consult with clients, work with local council, create and launch a ‘take over event’ and much more!

Find out more information about Youth Take Over Loddon Campaspe on their website or social media.

If you have questions, you can email or call 0448 318 757.


1. Give young people the work experience, skills (teamwork, project management, organisation skills) and industry contacts that research shows are vital to them overcoming disadvantage in the labour market. They will be trained and mentored by community and industry experts so they can plan and run their event, while learning about the industry and the jobs within it as they go.

2. Give employers a chance to see their business from a youth perspective and fresh ideas. Take Overs and other initiatives will allow industry to build a pipeline to young people and their families, to help them engage with a younger customer base.

3. Embed capacity across our communities and industries, to create a better, flexible, locally designed youth unemployment support system for our region, long term.  As we expand, we want to see every young person who participates offered a guarantee of support to set them up for life.

​4. Employment for at least 50 young people

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