Young Industry Ambassadors

The Young Industry Ambassador (YIA) program gives young people aged 18-30 years old an opportunity to inspire school students about future industry opportunities in their region. Recruited from a range of workplaces and training institutions across our regions, they inspire students to reach their career goals and understand the importance of remaining in school. YIAs are offered ongoing training and mentoring in leadership, media and communications, public speaking and engaging with children and young people.

What Do they do?

YIAs inspire primary and secondary school students by sharing their story; their personal and vocational interests, pathways during and post-school, a typical day at their workplace, what they enjoy about their work and lifestyle. They present in school classrooms, assemblies and can also (where possible), host classes in their workplace.

Through this engagement, YIAs develop strong connections in community, confidence and a sense of accomplishment as they empower young people to create positive change in their lives by telling their stories.

“As an employer of YIAs over a number of years, I’ve found it not only makes a difference to the student, but to the employee as well. They learn a great deal from training and gain maturity by stepping up to become a leader. I would recommend it to young people and employers in any sector.” YIA Employer, Bendigo.

Want your school to be involved?
If your school is interested in booking a presentation by a YIA, fill in the enquiry below and the Goldfields LLEN will organise this for you.
Want to become a YIA?
Applications for the YIA program are currently open. If you are between 18-30, have an interesting pathway to share and are either working or studying in the City of Greater Bendigo, Mt Alexander or Central Goldfields shires, fill in the form below.

Meet a few of our YIAs!



At a young age, Jo’s family experienced financial hardship through a business failure in Bendigo. The experience inspired Jo to go on to study and then build a successful business Alluvia Financial.

Alluvia Financial works with small business owners to educate and advise them on business finances so they can avoid what happened to her parents.

“I love seeing our clients find financial freedom within their business so they can do what they love”.

Listen to Jo’s career journey on her podcast. Visit our YouTube channel now at to find out more.


Isobel is a marketing coordinator at Stanford Marketing.

She struggled to motivate herself in school, not knowing what she wanted to do for a job. After a few bumps in the road, she found herself in Bendigo studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Event Management and Marketing.

Volunteering, internships, and other work experience were significant ways that helped her find her passion. It allowed her to “test the waters” and make an informed decision about her future.

She believes her upbringing on a dairy farm taught her about working hard and being resilient.

If you’d like to hear about Isobel’s story, filled with ups and downs, contact us today to find out how.


Sam always had an interest in mechanics. From a young age, he’d help his uncle fix hot rod cars in the shed. He left school after Year 11 to complete a full-time light vehicle mechanic apprenticeship.

After ten years working as a mechanic, Sam decided to go to university to study mechanical engineering. He now works at Thales, a multinational company which has designed and built vehicles for the army in Bendigo.

If you’re looking for a problem solver to get your students minds turning, contact us to have Sam speak to your class.



Kira is dedicated, passionate and creative. Kira works as a Brand Strategist and Designer and has built her business “The KH Studio” from a freelancer to a team of four women and a handful of contractors.

Growing up, Kira was anxious and struggled to know what she wanted to do for a career. However, she took opportunities when and where they came, never gave up and put in a lot of hard work. Kira always knew she wanted to work creatively, so decided to study Arts, Media and Communication.

“There wasn’t a lot of information to tell me what pathway to take. I had to do my own research”

Kira is an inspiring, female role model with a lot to share. Contact us to listen to Kira talk in depth about her career pathway.


Tash works for Bendigo based building company Lansell Homes in their estimating and accounts department.

From a young age Tash was going to be a lawyer. But after some time at university, she decided law was not for her, and she had to seriously reconsider her future.

After discussing her options with her family, Tash contacted Apprenticeship Support Australia, and they set her up with a traineeship. She has completed a Certificate IV in Building & Construction and is working on a Certificate IV in Business.

Tash has experienced a lot of ups and downs in her short time in the work force. If you would like to learn how she overcame them, give us a call to organise a time for her to speak to your students.


Jordan is an Administration Officer as Safety Systems Bendigo.

After completing Year 12, Jordan felt pressure to go to university, even though she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

“There are a lot of different pathways out there. You don’t always have to go straight to university to figure that out, but you should follow your passion. If your passions lead you to university, TAFE or a job, that’s awesome!”

Currently, she is undertaking a traineeship at Safety Systems and studying a Cert IV in Business at TAFE. She enjoys lots of aspects of her job, including having a work life balance that allows her to do things that she enjoys!

Jordan is a great example of how taking your time to make career decisions can lead you to unlikely but amazing opportunities. Contact us if you would hear about Jordan’s pathway.



After exploring a lot of different jobs, Kelly landed some work experience at Foodmach, where she was offered a trades assistant role. She decided from this experience that she wanted to complete an electrical apprenticeship.

Fun fact: she was the first ever female apprentice on the floor!

She thinks work experience is one of the most important aspects of finding a career pathway that suits you. She loves learning through vocational training because she gets to learn hands on, instead of sitting in a classroom.

Kelly is a VET Champion as well as a Young Industry Ambassador, so is fantastic to hear listen to about vocational education.

Contact the Goldfields LLEN to book her to speak in your classroom.


Sally works for the City of Greater Bendigo as the Agribusiness Officer, working with farmers and businesses to ensure agricultural perspectives are represented in strategies. This means that when Bendigo forms its vision for the future, agricultural voices will also be included.

Previously, Sally has had varying jobs in agriculture, from working in the United States harvesting corn to working in far north Queensland on a cattle station, and everything in between!

The best part about working in the agricultural industry has been the people that she has met along the way

If you would like to listen to Sally talk about her career, contact the Goldfields LLEN to book in a time.


Gabby is an early childhood educator at Jenny’s Early Learning Centre.

Gabby has always had a caring nature. As a child she loved animals and wanted to work closely with animals. As she grew up, this shifted to caring for children. After completing work placements in the childcare Gabby completed a Certificate 3 and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. From beginning as a float staff member, she has transitioned through many positions at her workplace to educational leader.

“Being an early childcare educator, is much more than babysitting.” Hear more about what Gabby does and how she got there, contact the Goldfields LLEN.



Nick is a Customer Service Representative at Bendigo Telco!

Nick spent a long time in part time work after high school as he contemplated tertiary study. He eventually reached out to an employment agency to seek an admin role as a steppingstone in the business world.

He experienced many rejections before finally landing his current role at Bendigo Telco. He still hasn’t landed on what field he wants to pursue – but that’s ok!

Hear a bit more about Nick’s career pathway by contacting the Goldfields LLEN.


Jess is an internal auditor (Accountant)!

Throughout Jess’ schooling, she found that she excelled in maths so went on to complete a Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting. She has also had to complete further studies while working to achieve qualifications.

Currently she works at AFS & Associates, an accounting firm in Bendigo. She has had many roles here as she tries to find what team works best for her.

Do you like numbers? Listen to Jess speak about her career pathway in accounting by contacting the Goldfields LLEN.


Harrison is a controls and instrument engineer.

His passion began in a Year 8 electronics class. As a part of his university degree, Harrison undertook some placement with Australian Turntable Company.

He was fortunate enough to be made full time after his placement was finished.

Harrison works in a very interesting and niche industry. Learn more about his career and pathways by contacting the Goldfields LLEN.



Crystal is another YIA who works in the early childcare and learning industry,

She has always known that she wanted to work with children, as a child wanting to be a kindergarten teacher. She loves working with children on their learning journey and attributes her bubbly personality to her success.

Her career development is what she is most proud of, starting at Shine Bright as a relief teacher, she is now an Early Years Advisor and Teacher.

Crystal exudes passion for her career and industry. If you’re interested in hearing more from her, contact the Goldfields LLEN.


Our YIA Trent is an accountant at AFS & Associates in Bendigo.

He began his studies at university in health science before deciding to transfer his studies to study a Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting. He says a range of thing, including work placement, contributed to his decision to transfer his studies.

He was able to utilise University connections to score his current position at AFS & Associates.

Trent has a lot of great attributes and an interesting career journey. Listen to him speak about his career journey by contacting the Goldfields LLEN.