The Future is Looking Brighter for our Regions Young People!

At Goldfields Local Learning and Employment Network we are proud of the work that we do to improve the training, employment and education opportunities available to young people across central Victoria.

There are currently 17,224 youth (aged 10-19) in the Mount Alexander, Central Goldfields and City of Greater Bendigo area. A large population, with many of these youth needing educational and employment assistance.

In 2017 100 primary students from 4 schools experienced Passions and Pathways which provided them workplace learning opportunities in businesses from a variety of industries all over Bendigo. Some of these schools have very few families with a member in the workforce. This makes our work to provide positive career role models and insights into workplaces extremely beneficial to student attitudes on employment:   In the past year we’ve also achieved over a hundred placements for senior students undergoing structured workplace learning linked to their VET and VCAL studies.

The Executive Director/CEO for a Day program is off to a great start this year with Bendigo Health, Victory Christian College, Weeroona College and Bendigo Pottery employees building stronger partnerships with each other and creating greater outcomes for education. This needs to be the 2017 program

These accomplishments and more were shared at our Annual General Meeting on 24 May. It was an informative night spent reflecting on the year and celebrating the many significant partnerships and contributions from dedicated individuals and organisations in our community!

Our guest speaker, Bill Coppinger, a highly experienced teaching, education policy and ICT professional, shared some stunning insights into current demographic trends and their effects on employment.

Bill shared some surprising points with us including that there is currently 733,300 registered unemployed people in Australia with only 220,800 vacancies nationwide. Victoria has 183,500 unemployed which is 83% of the vacancies in Australia.

Another alarming fact was that 15-24-year old’s make up 17% of the global population but 40% of the unemployed, a figure that doesn’t include those enrolled in school. This gives us all the more determination to aid students in their transition from school to employment in a changing world.

Bill said his talk was beneficial to the GLLEN community as those attending have an influence on local employment and education.

“They’re always trying to work at their best together to create pathways and transitions and they need to be able to know how to anticipate the big trends and changes that are occurring.”

Bill addressed some of the unprecedented major trends occurring that have never occurred before in Australia.

“There are going to be more young people than ever before entering the workforce but the percentage of young people in the population is dropping. There is an aging population that is making it hard to begin careers. It’s a major global phenomenon.”

The meeting attendees appreciated Bill’s thought provoking, engaging and insightful presentation, making it a perfect end to our annual general meeting.

To see Bill’s presentation: