SWL CASE STUDY – Jordan -Bendigo South East Year 10 Student


Request received from John Geary, Assistant Principal – Learning, Bendigo South East, for SWL placements for two students.

“I have two students who would benefit from a building industry placement and another in metal fabrication. Our preference would be for one day per week placements. Doesn’t need to be for an entire year. We understand that we would need to get the students white card sorted prior to them undertaking any placement.”

One of the students, Jordan, had previously had a placement with Bunnings and expressed interest in pursuing an experience metal fabrication. Michael Hockley, SWL Coordinator, made arrangements for Jordan to have a placement at Bendigo Sheetmetal with Greg Pocock, commencing October 2018.


Student Feedback:

“I started looking for a work placement because I was getting into a little bit of trouble at school and was becoming bored. My teachers started talking to me about the idea of doing a work placement one day a week to learn some real life skills and develop my work ethic. When I first started working at Bunnings I was surprised by how big of an organisation it was, and how important it was to be able to read so that you knew about all of the products and could help customers. The best thing about my work placement at Bunnings has been the atmosphere and feeling like I really fitted in with the team. In future, I would like to become a metal fabricator and Bunnings has taught me how to deal with customers and how important it is to be able to communicate with people.”


Parent Feedback:

“From the very beginning Jordan came home from work placements at Bunnings extremely positive, it was something that he looked forward to each week. While he was there he talked about learning about how to talk to different people, how things run in a big company and different types of jobs that existed. He also showed improvement in being punctual and organising himself, as well as learning to use the bus system to get there on time each week. This weekly placement program has definitely helped keep Jordan engaged in school, before this we were having difficulty trying to get him to go each day and behave. Overall he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I would highly recommend this program.”
Florence Jones, Mother


Teacher Feedback:

“At the beginning of the year, Jordan was often in my office disengaged and in trouble from problems that has occurred in class. Jordan was struggling to see the value of school and was only attending because he was legally required to do so. At this point, we met with him and his mother and discussed the possibility of organising a Structured Workplace Learning arrangement with the Goldfields LLEN. After Jordan’s first day, he returned to school telling all of the staff that he needed to improve his reading because of the reading he was required to do in the induction. Over the two-term placement, Jordan has consistently looked forward his Thursdays at Bunnings, and his engagement and behaviour at school have improved dramatically. As part of his Self-Directed Learning project, he was able to use much of the knowledge learnt from his placement at Bunnings to design bench seats to place around the school. We hope that Jordan can continue a structured work place arrangement over the remainder of his schooling years to help him understand the purpose and real life value of education.”
Lauren Moon, House Learning Coach – Year 10 Shamrock, Year 10 Transitions – Bendigo South East College


Employer Feedback:

Summary of SWL – Employer Evaluation by Glenys Lewis, Office Manager, Bunnings Epsom

Attendance and Punctuality

No Absences, always punctual. Often arrived early, prepared to stay back if a task had to be completed.

Appearance and Presentation

Above average appearance and presentation.

Working with others

Communicates well with others, contributed to conversations and exchange of ideas.

Communication Interpersonal Skills

Generally communicated effectively while on placement.

Time Management

Works well independently. Able to set goals, prioritise tasks and achieve objectives in good time.

Attitude and motivation

Did what was required well.  Prepared to make extra effort when asked.

Ability to follow instructions and use initiative

Capable of working independently after initial instruction.

Ability to learn

Learns quickly, keen to achieve new skills and to enhance knowledge of workplace tasks.

Positive self-attitude

Confident, enthusiastic, energetic and persistent in achieving outcomes.

Quality of Work

Work was of good quality and showed care and attention to detail.

Other comments

Jordan was eager to learn new skills, was a pleasure to have on work placement, was always willing to listen and learn. We wish him all the best for the future.

Caption: Jordan (left) learning at Bendigo Sheetmetal