Students embrace the artist within to create a masterpiece!

A group of grade six St Monica’s students could be found at the Bendigo Pottery this week as their creativity flowed during their Passions and Pathways session. This time they were each tasked with painting their very own ceramic mug!

Sally Thomson of the Bendigo Pottery explained the different techniques that could be used to paint their mugs, including different brush types and techniques. The students watched her every move intently as she demonstrated.

Once the students understood the best way to paint their mugs and deliberated over a design, they were inseparable from their mugs for the next hour. When asked if they had been enjoying their project at Bendigo Pottery, they said it was one of their favourite sessions so far.

Zarli liked the previous session better. “In the last session we got to make vases and put them in the kiln. That was my favourite and pretty hard to beat!”

When asked what they would be doing with their mugs when they’re taken home many said they’d have a hot drink, but Jayden knew his mother would have her eye on it.

“I won’t be able to use it. My mum will probably put it on a shelf to look at it, because she says everything I make for her is a collectable!”

Towards the end of their painting, some students were met with disappointment as their mugs didn’t live up to their imagined designs. So, Sally emphasised that it’s all about having a go and enjoying the process.

“Life is a lot like this, you need to try things and give things a go. Go back and try another way if it doesn’t work out but never give up. See what you’ll learn!”

It was fascinating to see how engaging in art can build up a child’s self-confidence and self-worth.

All of the Passions and Pathways projects that are organised in various workplaces include workplace safety training, hands on learning and the development of self-confidence and new skills, to ensure the safety and optimal learning for the students.