Passions and Pathways Students are thriving while completing their projects!

Students from St Monica’s Primary School were happily working on the second session of their Passions and Pathways projects at Bendigo TAFE this week. There were two groups of students, one learning about Waterway Health and the other about Design and Construction.

The Waterway Health groups second session involved learning about and getting up close and personal with macroinvertebrates (water bugs). The session was guided by Plan2Farm Project Manager Shari Rankin and Fresh Water Ecologist Peter Rose, who are both employees of the North Central Catchment Management Authority.

The students were given the task of finding macroinvertebrates in a large sample they had collected from Bendigo Creek in their previous session. The looks of delight, intrigue and squeals of excitement when finding bugs was a sure sign that they were enjoying the experience!

One of the students, Jemima, explained that the project had been really good so far, but that today’s session had been a little gross with all the creepy crawlies!

Other areas they had been learning about included the pH levels of water, habitats for animals and water quality in creeks, rivers and lakes.

Meanwhile, the Design and Construction group were busy creating IT Device Holders with the expert guidance and direction of TAFE Carpentry Teacher, Leigh Hauke. All the students were quickly sanding their pieces of wood and then deciding what shape they wanted them to be.

Leigh said the students would be guided through the cutting process with lots of help from himself and urged them to be creative with their designs.

“Get your imagination going and see what you can come up with!”

Giselle, who was busy making her device holder, said she was really enjoying the workshops and even though it most likely isn’t her chosen career path (she’s set on being a police officer) she is still having a great time learning new skills.

“I like the beach, so I think I might cut some waves into my IT device holder.”

The Passions and Pathways program is off to a fantastic start this year. We are very excited to continue following along with the journeys of the participants and see an increase in their learning and development.

All of the Passions and Pathways projects that are organised in various workplaces include workplace safety training, hands on learning and the development of self-confidence and new skills, to ensure the safety and optimal learning for the students.