Passions and Pathways Occupational, Health and Safety Induction

Safety Systems Presentation at St. Monica’s Primary School

2018 Passions and Pathways, began today at St. Monica’s Primary School, Kangaroo Flat, where Safety Systems visited to present their first presentation on safety within the workplace. An important part of the program, Safety Systems provided an interactive presentation to ensure the Year 6 students became familiar with the different range of hazards to be aware of and avoid in workplaces.

Paul from Safety Systems began his presentation by explaining the importance of being aware of your surroundings in the workplace so that you stay safe and don’t get a serious injury or lifelong disability.

The students were very engaged in everything that Paul was explaining and their many responses to his prompting questions was a great sign of their enthusiasm for the Passions and Pathways program. Paul made learning about safety fun and interesting, by connecting it to different careers and incorporating each of their future career interests into the discussion.

Students learnt about basic OH&S procedures such as the use and purpose of safety vests, what different warning signs mean, what exit signs are and the dangers of chemicals, slips and machines in the workplace. Although workplace safety may seem like a foreign area concept to Year 6 students, Paul did an exceptional job at keeping it engaging and making all feel included in the discussion.

Colm Feeney, a teacher at St. Monica’s Primary School said the Passions and Pathways program really engages students and provides them with wonderful insights into the world of work and helps them develop positive interests in future employment.

“There’s a very practical aspect of visiting a workplace and working alongside professionals to get an insight into employment. For us, we have seen that partaking in this program has made the students’ education seem much more real to them and has given their lives a sense of purpose, as they are now thinking about and preparing for adult life.”

It was a very enjoyable morning to see the delight on the Year 6 students faces as they commenced the early stages of this year’s program, with questions such as ‘will we get to choose our workplaces’ already being asked!