Inventor awards evolving to fit region’s innovative landscape

Inventor awards evolving to fit region’s innovative landscape

The Bendigo Inventor Awards are living up to their name and evolving. Entries are now open with three new categories added to this year’s awards.

Inventors and innovators will be able to enter into sustainability, health and agriculture category as well as the traditional open category.

Be Bendigo project manager David Hughes said he was always amazed at where and how people come up with their ideas for inventions.

“One question people ask me is ‘is it all apps now?’ We do get those but there are still lots of physical inventions (entered),” he said.

“The landscape changed significantly since the Inventor Awards were first held (in 2011). People weren’t talking about innovation like they are now.

“Now there are more organisations and groups to work with. We can connect (entrants) with people to help create a network of partners getting inventors to commercialisation.”

One category that has changed is the youth category.

Mr Hughes said the quality of entries from the youth category was so high last year that they could be judged against the open competition entries.

“Whether it was ideas or application, there was more detail and thought out in some of the youth entries (than in some of the open entries),” he said.

“We are still encouraging youth to enter in the main categories because we think they are in with a chance (of being successful).”

Another innovation for the Bendigo inventor Awards would be the introduction of a new festival aspect.

Mr Hughes said the Inventors and Innovation Festival would expand on what the awards already offer.

“We will expose Bendigo to inventors, have a two-day symposium, workshops, and the Festival of Failure,” he said.

“We are also linking with companies around the region to tour innovative companies and bring guest speakers to Bendigo.

Entries for the Bendigo Inventor Awards close on July 23.

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GLLEN has proudly sponsored the awards over many years to support youth innovation. Original article taken from the Bendigo Advertiser.