Executive Director/CEO for a Day

Victory Christian College Principal Anne Marie Rodgers spent a day at Bendigo Health as part of the Executive Director CEO for a Day program.

The Executive Director/CEO for a Day program aims to form a stronger relationship between the private sector and education.

Anne Marie worked with Bruce Winzar, who is the Executive Director Information Services. This visit was reciprocal, as last year Mr Winzar took part in the Principal for a Day program alongside Anne Marie at VCC.

Ms Rodgers was the first to take part in the Director/CEO for a Day program for this year, which is also the first time that GLLEN has run this program. The day was a great success.

Upon reflection of her day at Bendigo Health, Anne Marie only had great things to say.

“It was a fantastic experience for me and I greatly appreciated the opportunity to be immersed into the health industry for a day. I gained some insight into the complexity of this industry and I was left in awe of Bruce’s capacity to manage so many different facets, in such a demanding environment.”

The Bendigo Pottery and Weeroona College also took part in the program. Jason Bysouth, Assistant Principal Class member at Weeroona College, spent a day with Rod Thompson, co-owner of Bendigo Pottery. The experience has cemented a relationship between Bendigo Pottery and Weeroona College which may lead to future collaborations with a ceramic based public art project.

Rod Thompson highly recommends the experience to anyone who is given the chance.

“The changes in education have been significant and the program provides an understanding of how businesses can work with schools to better prepare students for the workforce.”

We are looking forward to our next participants who will take part in this program.