GLLEN AGM attendees

AGM a success

Professor Pamela Snow, Head of Rural Health School at La Trobe University was the guest speaker at this year’s AGM on 30 May, speaking on the topic: “Language and Literacy in the Early Years of School: Setting all Children up for Success”.

Professor Snow made a fascinating presentation on the importance of setting children up for success in the important 21st century skills of reading, writing and spelling. 30% of children struggle with literacy and those from families with low socioeconomic status can be particularly disadvantaged from their first day of school. Children from more advantaged family backgrounds generally arrive at school better equipped to make the transition to literacy. One of the factors that influences reading success is children’s early oral language exposure, and research has shown that children in homes with parents in professional jobs hear 30 million more words by the age of four than those in households on welfare.

GLLEN AGM attendees

L-R: Professor Pam Snow, Simon Flood, Barb Ashworth, Rob Stephenson, Dr Graeme Harvey, Anne Brosnan, Dr Pam Harvey.

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