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Sareena Hopkins: Building Career Resilience

Youth Arrivals to Victoria Infographic

Future job openings by industry and occupation

Mapping Youth Unemployment Hotspots

Improving participation and success in VET for disadvantaged learners

From school to VET: choices, experiences and outcomes

The Early Years: Career Development for Young Children – A Guide for Educators

NCVER VET in Schools Infographic

The New Basics

Report by the Foundation for Young Australians

2017 GLLEN Annual Work Plan

2017 SWL GLLEN Work Plan

2016 Executive Officers Report

Skilling Australia Foundation

The New Work Smarts

How Are Young People Faring In This Transition?

The New Work Mindset

Preparing Young People for the Future of Work

Developing VET applied research: Steps towards enhancing VET’s role in the innovation system

Explaining the VET applied research developmental framework

VET applied research: driving VET’s role in the innovation system

Lightning Reef Primary School, Specimen Hill Primary School and Eaglehawk Primary School 

Choosing VET: Aspirations, intentions and choice

In their words: student choice in training markets – Victorian examples

Choosing VET: investigating the VET aspirations of school students

Student Voices: What young people are saying about VET

Goldfields LLEN 2017 End of Year Report

Structured Workplace Learning 2017 End of Year Report

Case Study: Structured Workplace Learning 2016-17

2017 Mission Australia Youth Survey Report

2016 The State of Victoria’s Children’s Report

The annual State of Victoria’s Children reports provide insights into key issues for Victorian children, young people and their families. The 2016 report looks at how the outcomes for many Victorian children and young people can be different according to where they grow up in terms of their economic environment, early development and education, health and wellbeing and safety.

Identifying work skills: international approaches

Data for the new LSAY Y15 cohort

A new cohort of young people joined the LSAY program in 2015 as part of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and participated in their first LSAY interview in 2016. This new 2015 cohort (Y15) has become the sixth LSAY cohort.

LGA Youth Disengagement and Unemployment Data

Unemployment by Age Gender Education & Birthplace 2016

Youth Disengagement by gender age and birthplace 2016

Youth Disengagement by Gender Age Education and Children ever born 2016

What’s ahead for education policy in 2018